Apr 25 16 12:43 PM

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As was mentioned in this post, Al has been considering moving off of Forumer, and this week we are going to be moving forward with this forum migration.  Here's what's all happening on so nobody gets left out of the loop.

As some of you already know, I have successfully copied our forum's posts into a phpBB forum, as seen here.  Right now, that link is pointing to a copy of these forums on my own personal web domain.  If Al is successful in figuring out a way to include the forums in with his Wordpress blog, then the forums will move there, and will be taken down from my hosting.  Otherwise, they will remain on my domain until we figure out a more permanent solution.

Secondly, I would like everyone who is still active here to register an account on the new forums.  Even though we arern't using them quite yet, having everyone registered already will make the merger a smooth process, and we hopefully won't have to hunt down as many people to let them know we have moved.  And the nice thing about a phpBB forum is, the entire forum is stored in a database, so even if it moves again in the future, the database goes with it.  This means that your login credentials will stay the same no matter where it moves to.  All in all, it will make things much easier on us in the long run.

Anyways, that should be everything.  If anyone has any questions at all regarding this migration, please don't hesitate to ask either Al or myself.  Thanks everyone.

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