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#41 [url]

Apr 9 16 7:44 PM

I won a very close match to Gambit. Here is the video

Let the games begin!

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Apr 11 16 7:56 AM

The Ceruleans need to play their game from last week. Get that done ASAP please. Here is the Week 5 schedule.

Pewter @ Olivine
Blackthorn @ Mauville
Cerulean Celebis @ Pyrite
Anistar @ Littleroot
Pallet @ Lavender

Bye: Cerulean Stars

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#47 [url]

Apr 16 16 1:48 AM

In the battle of the Ceruleans, the Stars lose a close, intense game against the Celebis.

Edit: This is our battle from week 4, just getting caught up since it hasn't been done yet.

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#50 [url]

Apr 18 16 5:21 AM

We have 1 battle from last week still to played. Get that done ASAP please.

Here is the Week 6 schedule:

Cerulean Stars @ Pewter
Pyrite @ Pallet
Blackthorn @ Cerulean Celebis
Olivine @ Littleroot
Mauville @ Lavender

Bye: Anistar

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#55 [url]

Apr 24 16 4:08 PM

I defeated the gamblers. Unfortunately internet went down on the last turn. It was a 4-0. I sent Al the KDA for each mon.

"Hmm... I thought you'd be stronger."

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#56 [url]

Apr 25 16 7:18 AM

We have one battle left from last week to be played. Let's get that done ASAP please.

Here is the Week 7 schedule:

Pewter @ Anistar
Cerulean Stars @ Blackthorn
Mauville @ Pyrite
Cerulean Celebis @ Olivine
Littleroot @ Pallet

Bye: Lavender

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#60 [url]

Apr 30 16 1:53 PM

My Olivine Beacons get extremely lucky to remain unbeaten in a win over the Cerulean Celebis. Not even going to sugarcoat it: I won because of a misclick on Connor's end. Still a great game despite that, at least.


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