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Mar 20 16 10:47 PM

The Olivine Beacons start the season off with a win as I beat Sethyas and the Blackthorn Bloodseekers in an incredible week one clash of the titans.

...sorry, just had to add some dramatic effect to brighten up an otherwise rough day for me. lol


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Mar 21 16 7:38 AM

Ok everyone. There's one battle left to be played from last week, but that should be happening either today or tomorrow. Here is this week's schedule:

Cerluean Celebis @ Pewter
Mauville @ Olivine
Cerulean Stars @ Littleroot
Blackthorn @ Pyrite
Lavender @ Anistar

Bye: Pallet

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#26 [url]

Mar 26 16 7:07 PM

A 2-0 start for my Olivine Beacons. Last week it was Yanmega putting in work, this week it was Victini as we prevail over the Mauville Gamblers.


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#27 [url]

Mar 28 16 8:15 AM

We've got a few battles for Week 2 still not played. Let's get these done ASAP. Here is the Week 3 schedule.

Pewter @ Pallet
Olivine @ Lavender
Mauville @ Cerulean Celebis
Anistar @ Cerulean Stars
Littleroot @ Blackthorn

Bye: Pyrite

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#30 [url]

Mar 29 16 2:32 PM

i won against the gamblers in our week 3 battle: 2XKW-WWWW-WW3R-6CJ7

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#37 [url]

Apr 4 16 8:15 AM

I have one battle from Week 2 to record, then I can get to the Week 3 ones. They should be all done later this week. The spreadsheet is updated as I do the videos, so that's where it is right now. Here is Week 4's schedule.

Pyrite @ Pewter
Pallet @ Anistar
Cerulean Celebis @ Cerulean Stars
Littleroot @ Mauville
Lavender @ Blackthorn

Bye: Olivine

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#40 [url]

Apr 8 16 4:52 PM

All of the Week 2 and 3 battles are up on YouTube. Also, the spreadsheet is up to date as of Week 3.

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