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Jan 11 16 9:06 AM

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Hey guys! You wanted a monotype tournament, so here it is. This tournament will kick off on Monday, February 1st. Here is the rundown of how it'll work:

Registered Players

IONAurethious - 1993-7579-0707
UWorlds - 1977-0441-8035
OverlordKira2 - 2723-8388-9445
Sethyas - 1091-8006-5791
custos - 4227-2106-9300
PlatinumHowler14 - 2707-2937-4866
Zero17 - 5300-8804-8912
Ruppy - 1865-1641-0005
Draexzhan - 2019-9920-7937
Guthy - 3196-4583-9133
st3lar - 3007-8684-9639
zombieslayer - 5413-0454-0355
Alec - 3866-8506-4486
barracudajones - 0404-8134-9948
Toastdeib - 0559-6763-4662
fryday - 3626-0623-5362
ahscott - 2578-3116-9991
Chibi Pika - 1246-9044-4508
RabidPeep - 1607-2983-2059
FossilGirl - 0361-7462-3826
Sandverse - 4597-0706-6662

Tournament Procedures

The tournament format will be determined by the number on entrants. Even bracket numbers (4, 8, 16, etc.) will result in the tournament being double-elimination. Any other number will result in it being round robin. Double-elimination is pretty self-explanatory, so here's how round robin will work.

Players will be split into groups, chosen at random. Each player will, at least, play every other player in their respective group. Additional battles may be required in the case of odd groups. This will be determined at the start of the tournament and clearly outlined. At the end of the group stage, a predetermined number of players will advance to a single elimination bracket to determine the winner of the tournament. In the case of a tie at the end of the group stage, head-to-head result is the first tiebreaker. After that, or in case of a tie between more than 2 people, Pokemon differential (the difference in number of Pokemon remaining at the end of the battle, a 4-0 win would be a differential of +4, and a 2-0 loss would be -2) will break the tie.

The format of the tournament will determine how the scheduling of it goes, but either way, the tournament will advance as soon as possible. Players will have 7 days to get a battle in, but the sooner the battles are done, the faster the tournament will move along. If the tournament is round robin, players will be able to schedule their group stage battles in any order they would like, but will be required to get at least 1 battle in within 7 days.

Battle Procedures

All Pokémon on a player's team must share a common type. You must stick to this type for the duration of the tournament. You may, however, alter your team from battle to battle, as long as the type chosen is adhered to.

Pokémon that change type on Mega evolution will be considered the typing of the Mega if you are using that Pokémon's Mega Stone. For example, if your chosen type is Dragon, you may use Sceptile as long as you are using its Mega Stone. Conversely, if your chosen type is Flying, you may not use Charizard if you are using Charizardite X.

All battles will follow the general ION battle rules.

All battles will be 6 vs. 6, Single battles.

Battles will be conducted under Normal rules.

No 2 Pokémon on a player's team may hold the same item.

The moves Double Team and Minimize are banned.

The ability Moody is banned.

The items Soul Dew and Bright Powder are banned.

A player is not allowed to put more than one of the opponent's Pokémon to sleep concurrently with a move that induces the sleep status.

Pokémon deemed to be illegal (moveset or stats) will result in the forfeiture of the battle and possible removal from the tournament.

If both player's final Pokémon faint on the final turn, or if the time limit for the battle expires, the winner determined by the game shall be the winner.

Banned Pokémon

The following Pokémon may not be used by players:
Shaymin - Sky Forme
Kyurem - Black or White
Hoopa - Unbound Forme


The winner of the tournament will receive a custom Pokémon shot glass from the CustomShot Etsy shop. The winner will be able to choose which Pokémon and style they would like and I will order it and have it shipped to you. Here is a link to the shop listing:

How to Join

To join, simply post in this thread with your friend code. You do not have to reveal your chosen type until your first battle.

Sunday, January 31st is the deadline to sign up for the tournament.

If there are any questions about this event, you may post them in this thread or contact me to ask. Changes and/or clarifications may be made to this leading up to the event, but no changes in rules or format will take place after January 25th.

Good luck to everyone and may the best type win!

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Posts: 459 Site Admin

#6 [url]

Jan 11 16 3:13 PM

Do Fairies really have tails? I think finding out would be like solving an eternal mystery, a grand never ending adventure if you will.
As such, I'm going on a journey with my Asuna (Sylveon) to find out how many Fairy types have tails.
I will only have Fairy Pokemon with me on this adventure so I don't frighten them away.
I will take part in the tournament with only the Fairy Pokemon I have with me.

FC: 5300-8804-8912

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#7 [url]

Jan 11 16 3:38 PM

I'm down to enter. I've been toying with a lot of monotype concepts lately, mostly for potential future attempts to be a gym leader for the PAX Pokemon League, so this is a perfect chance to test at least one of them out. Now to figure out which one...

FC: 1865-1641-0005

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#10 [url]

Jan 14 16 3:12 AM

Ill try my best to participate. but if i start missing matches feel free to DQ me

3ds fc: 3007-8684-9639
Safari: combee illumise pinsir (yeah i know it sucks)

XBL/Nintendo Net: St3lar

PSN: EffYooSeaCay23

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#13 [url]

Jan 21 16 7:17 AM

Just as a heads up, I'm leaning toward round robin for the format, even if we end up with 16 people. It will guarantee more minimum battles for everyone, and also give some more freedom for scheduling.

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#15 [url]

Jan 25 16 8:20 AM

Just a reminder that this coming Sunday is the last day to register for the tournament. If you know anyone who would be interested, make sure you get them to sign up before then.

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#20 [url]

Jan 30 16 11:47 PM

I'm in

Friend Code: 1246-9044-4508

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