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May 7 15 4:08 PM

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Hey everyone, I am interested in hosting a weekly league in Mario Kart 8, and I am making this post to see how much interest there would be.  I don't know how exactly I'll set it up yet, as there are a few complications I need to solve (mainly how to get everyone's schedules to align to be able to race - it's sometimes hard enough to get two people together to organize Pokemon battles, can't imagine how harder it'll be to get up to 12 people together to race at the same time, lol). 

The basic premise I'm thinking of will be that over the course of a month or two, players will earn points in races that take place every week, and then the players with the most points earn a spot in a Grand Prix race, the winner being crowned champion.  Afterwards, everyone's points would reset, and the whole thing would repeat, with the exception that the previous champion would get an automatic invite into the next Grand Prix.  Like I stated above, nothing is flushed out yet, and this is just a premise and could change.

If any of you are interested, please post here.  Include your NNID and what DLC packs you own (if any).  Feel free to put down what times you think you'd be free to race as well to help me with scheduling. If enough people sign up, I'll get something set up in the next few weeks.  Also, for those of you who do not know yet, I will be moving in a month from now (from the east side of South Dakota to Rapid City, which is on the west side, so a pretty big move lol), so it's unlikely that I'll have the time to organize this league until after this move happens and I get settled in at my new place.  However, I will still try to organize racing nights once or twice a week for those who sign up (these won't allow you to accumulate points or anything, it's just mostly a chance for us to get together and race for fun).

Also, I may be hosting a Mario Kart 7 league as well for those with the 3DS version, so if that's something you'd be interested in as well, feel free to post that here as well (I'll edit the signups list to separate MK7 and MK8 signups if I start getting them for both games).

List of Signups
UWorlds:  NNID UWorlds (DLC1 & DLC2)
IONAurethious:  NNID Aurethious (no DLC)

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1977 0441 8035

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