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Mar 25 16 7:50 PM

I put items on my Kanto Classic team and it prevailed (with a bit of luck that might've mattered... ugh...) over Steven in a Rotation Battle.

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Mar 26 16 3:48 PM

Alec wrote:
finally got my game with Chibi played from last week, though it ended in another loss to her.

Thanks Alec.

So, here's the match-ups:
Howler vs. Chibi
Sandverse vs. Sethyas

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Mar 28 16 8:11 AM

Hey guys, I'm going to apologize ahead of time for the long post.

So, for those who aren't aware, March marked the start of the 3rd year of the IPL. With the exception of one week during that time, we've had battles every week for 2 years now. You guys don't know how much that, and this group means to me.

For those of you who are relatively new around here, I started the ION Game Corner back in 2012. At the time, I was looking into the possibility of opening up a hobby store here in Massachusetts and while I was researching and trying to put a plan into place to make that happen, I decided to start a website as a means to maybe drum up a little bit of a community before a store happened. The core of the website would be a podcast and organized play groups. Obviously, things have changed quite a bit since then. I'm no longer considering the store idea. It's just not financially feasible for me. And the website and community itself has changed. Out of everything I've done under the ION banner, the one thing that has persevered throughout it all is the Pokemon group, you guys.

Not only has it persevered, but it's continued to grow. This league right now has 16 active members, more than it has ever had. While it was always my goal to have it grow, there were many times where I wasn't sure if it would. But it has, all thanks to you guys. Your continued support of this group and what we're doing here is appreciated more than I can express. Now, not only do we have the IPL, but the GPL as well, along with the Rumbles and the theme tournaments, and yes, the War Game is coming back this summer. That's all because of you guys and the fact that there are people who want to take part in this stuff.

So, thank you to all of you. You guys make the time and effort I put into these things more than worth it. I hope you guys are getting as much enjoyment out of what we're doing as I am.

Now, with the sentimentality out of the way, on to the league stuff for this week. We've got 3 battles from last week still to be played. Kira and I should be battling today. I know Custos and Draexzhan had some issues and will be playing later this week. Let's do what we can to stay on track. It's not the biggest deal in the world, but with the videos for this and the GPL on my plate, it's getting a little more complicated to keep everything straight. Here is this week's schedule:

Chibi (Chibi Pika) vs. Kira (OverlordKira2)
Sandverse (Sandverse) vs. Gambit (Gambit)
Ruppy (Ruppy) vs. Draexzhan (Draexzhan) - If Draexzhan beats Custos, neither player gets format choice. If Draexzhan loses, it's Ruppy's choice.
Sethyas (Sethyas) vs. Custos (custos)
Connor (barracudajones) vs. Agent G (zombieslayer)
Delmaru (Delmaru) vs. Alexander (IONAurethious)
Howler (PlatinumHowler14) vs. Alec (Alec)
Zero (Zero17) vs. Steven (UWorlds)

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#1190 [url]

Mar 31 16 5:15 PM

I just want to let you all know right now: as luck would have it, I have managed to purchase a 3DS capture card! Instead of going through Katsukity (whose backlog is way too long to even consider him an option right now in my opinion) I've instead gone through Merki, the European distributor for the other 3DS capture guy, Loopy. To this end, I'm shipping it to him on Monday, so after next Monday I'm going to be without my 3DS until further notice.

I've given this some thought, and this is what I've decided to do: so the GPL doesn't get held up, I'm still going to do my GPL games. I'm going to be borrowing Alec's 3DS in order to play those, so anyone who plays me in the GPL starting with next week and until further notice needs to add Alec's friend code if they haven't already. It'll still be my AS version, just a different console until I get mine back. As far as this main league is concerned, however, I'm asking to be left off the schedule starting next week and until further notice so Alec and I aren't trying to juggle too many things with his 3DS alone until mine returns. On the positive side, once I do get mine back I'll be able to start recording my games and adding commentary to them (kind of like Howler does, though I'll probably go live commentary as opposed to post since that style of commentary works better for me, even if it means the videos will probably be longer) and I'll also be able and willing to help Al out with recording games so he doesn't have to shoulder so much of the burden himself and hopefully things can be up on the YouTube channel quicker.

I'll still be able to play my GPL game with Kira this week as well as my main league game with Draexzhan (assuming he and Custos get their game done soon so I know what we're doing format-wise, I have contacted him today to make him aware of my format choice to stay on top of things) from my own 3DS, hence why I'm waiting until Monday to ship it off. Once Monday hits, however, the above will go into effect until I let you guys know when my 3DS has returned.

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#1194 [url]

Apr 3 16 10:58 AM

In my final ION Pokemon League battle until further notice, I defeated Draexzhan in a fun back-and-forth triples battle.


And with that, aside from my GPL games, I'll see you guys when my 3DS returns to me equipped with a capture card!

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#1198 [url]

Apr 3 16 11:21 PM

For the first time in ion history me and chibi took to the air in our battle this week using sky battle rules. It was an amazing battle though my wings got clipped before hers did.


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#1199 [url]

Apr 4 16 1:29 AM

Had my match against Zero, but it was interrupted due to internet issues on my end.  And since I do not want to hold things up for the third week in a row, I will be forfeiting the match to him, since he was ahead in the match when the disconnect happened.

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1977 0441 8035

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#1200 [url]

Apr 4 16 1:45 AM

Yeah was a great battle, my Fate team was leaving it's mark to show off how cool it is, but unfortunately no vid.
Also have to call out Steven for the team he used on me, low blow Steven lol
So this coming week Fate team may try again.

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