Jan 16 14 7:33 AM

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I have created an online EASHL club for members of the ION Game Corner, the ION Emerald Knights. Anyone is welcome to join, as the more members we have, the easier it will be to find teammates online when you are. Here is a quick rundown of the club guidelines.

-We are a casual club. All experience and skill levels are welcome to join. The goal of the club is to have some fun playing with friends. That's not to say that we won't try our best to win every game, but fun is priority one.

-As long as there are 2 members of the club online, you have the green light to play a club game.

-Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Playing on this club makes you a representative of the ION Game Corner. Anyone deemed to be violating this guideline will be subject to removal of the club at my discretion.

If you would like to join the club, or request an invitation for a friend, post here with your or your friend's gamertag.

Feel free to use this thread as a means to try and set up times to play club games with other members.

Roster (Xbox Live Gamertag):
Aurethious (C)
BulkyChunk (A)
Kagone (A)