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Nov 15 13 2:28 PM

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Serebii is reporting today that Pokemon transferred from from older games to X and Y may not be able to be used competitively. Lance made the case that this is basically their way of ensuring that, unless someone finds a way to crack the 3DS, hacking is gone from Pokemon. In other words, any possibly hacked Pokemon wouldn't be allowed.

If this is true, I'm done with Gen 5 and anything before it unless I somehow need to obtain a Pokemon that way. I have spent the last 3 generations building EVERY Pokemon to level 100, EVs, moves, and all. I was very much looking forward to the Bank to carry my work forward. Now? I basically have to start over and it doesn't sit well with me.

I'm glad they've essentially removed hacking from the game. But man does this suck.

Here's the stuff from Serebii for those interested:

[quote]A thing that has been in question for a while since the launch of the game has been clarified. In the status screen for Pokémon, and seen in trades and in the box, you may have noticed a blue pentagon next to your Pokémon. The meaning of this had yet to be determined, but has been partially revealed today. This pentagon is a confirmation of being obtained in-game. If your Pokémon has this, it confirms it was obtained legitimately in-game or through event. If not, then it has an error and has been hacked, or potentially from another region.
Edit @ 16:01: The literal definition of this pentagon, given by the Pokémon Company, is that the Pokémon is ok to use. This came from the rules of the upcoming Dragon tournament in Japan where, on looking deeper into the fine print, it is stated that Pokémon that were transferred from Black, White, Black 2 & White 2 cannot be used. There is a possibility that the mark could be for Pokémon obtained natively in the Kalos region, with other marks for Pokémon transferred, but this will not be made clear until December 25th when Pokémon Bank is released.
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Nov 15 13 6:16 PM

Re: Previous Gen Pokemon

Well, I was thinking more about this. I'm wondering if this just affects official Nintendo events. We might be able to do whatever we want here.

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Nov 15 13 6:27 PM

Re: Previous Gen Pokemon

Yeah, my best guess for this is to limit what can be used in official Nintendo events, such as the VGCs. It'd make sense, since for previous generations the first iteration of the VGCs was limited to Pokemon natively found in those games, then opening up to all of them the following year (i.e., 2011 VGCs only allowed Unova Pokemon, while the 2012 VGCs allowed everything else). It may just as well only be limiting Pokemon with the blue pentagon mark for official events for this year's season, but next year's will allow everything else.

I can't see them blocking all old Pokemon from all official Nintendo events, especially since most of the old legends would otherwise be unavailable for them. As long as none of us plan to use our Pokemon in any official Nintendo events, I'm sure this will have zero impact on how we use them.

Also, I'm pretty sure that the blue pentagon mark is a "region marker" that signifies that they were obtained in Kalos, and not a "hack-free indicator" as a lot of the internet rumors today have been claiming (I'm sure there are still other legality checks that will be run when trying to migrate from 5th gen to leave behind any hacks, or at least to attempt to filter them out since I have no idea how thorough their checker will be, lol), but until December 27th when bank is released, we won't know for sure.

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Nov 16 13 10:38 AM

Re: Previous Gen Pokemon

to get all these other unobtainable pokemon I wouldn't doubt a solution would be in Z or in a possible Hoenn remake.

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