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Oct 15 13 8:17 AM

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Hey guys,

I wanted to start a thread in case anyone wanted to discuss the new games so far. I know I've talked a little with Steven about them, but figured everyone probably has their own thoughts.

With that said, I would like to keep the thread spoiler free as far as the story goes, for those who may not be as far as others.

The biggest thing for me is how different the game feels to me while I play. I get the feel that I'm playing one of the Gamecube games, which is awesome. I find myself in battles with the XD battle music in my head while I'm playing anytime the sound is down.

And here's to hoping these bring either some new people to the forum... or some old people back. I've already heard from 2 former IPL players who picked up one of the new games and are really digging it.
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Oct 15 13 1:57 PM

Re: X and Y - Post-Release Thoughts

I love the games themselves, but not sure about the new game mechanics yet.
Fairy type seems to suck and they definitely weakened the weather teams.
They also weakened Steel to make Fairy look better.... that is terrible.

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Oct 16 13 6:30 AM

Re: X and Y - Post-Release Thoughts

I'll reserve judgment on Fairy types until I get to play more with them. As of now, the only one I've used is Ralts/Kirlia and didn't have any Fairy type attacks on it yet before I switched it out for something else.

I'm fine with Steel losing Ghost and Dark resistance. I always thought that Steel types had too many resistances anyway.

Leveling feels so much better than it ever has to me. I don't know if that's just because I'm playing with Exp. Share on or not, but to this point, I haven't had to level grind at all, which is a huge plus to me. I always hated having to level grind before the Elite Four. I'm projecting that I won't need to this time around.

Mr. Mime creeps me out and I almost died laughing seeing Stunfisk for the first time.

We'll see how I feel for my second playthrough, but I haven't enjoyed the actual road to the Elite Four as much as I am ever. I haven't done much extraneous exploring... mostly because I have to do this all over again in my other game... but the game just feels more fun overall to me.

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