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Aug 14 13 6:29 PM

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Time Clock: December 16, 16 days remain....till clock reset
Trainer rankings

1.Pokémon Master Zero17

Currently Inactive Trainers

Trainer point totals, win/loss/tie

Zero17 points:0 win:7 loss:1 tie:0 Pokémon Master:2 Title defenses:3 Consecutive Title Defenses:2

UWorlds points:0 win:0 loss:0 tie:0

IONAurethious points:0 win:9 loss:4 tie:0

xDactyl points:2 win:1 loss:0 tie:0

Custos points:0 win:1 loss:6 tie:0

Sethyas points:0 win:4 loss:6 tie:0 Pokémon Master:1

Reayonix points:6 win:1 loss:0 tie:0

Leviathan points:0 win:0 loss:6 tie:0

Hello trainers, this is the new ongoing event that was talked about before.
At first it was the ladder, but we changed that for what we now think is a lot better.
I will be running this event instead of Al because he is very busy.
To signup just post in this thread and say that you want to join in!

Here is the explanation on how it works and all the rules:

The basic idea of the game is to get enough points to battle the Pokémon Master
to a title battle to become the new Pokémon Master.

-You get points by battling other trainers.
-You can challenge anyone at anytime for points except for the Pokémon Master.
-The points are setup by a flat system, you get 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and -1 for losing.
-If the lower ranked trainer wins against the higher ranked trainer, the lower ranked trainer gets
points by the difference in both of their ranks.
So lets say Rank 8 beats Rank 2, Rank 8 gets the 2 points for a win and then gets
6 more points because that is the difference in rank.
-There are no extra points lost for the higher ranked trainer.
- Your points will never go below zero even if you lose with zero points.
- When you get 20 points you have a title battle with the Pokémon Master.
- There is a time clock that goes by the monthly time frame from the beginning of the month to the end of the month.
At the last three days of the month the trainer with the highest amount of points has
a title battle with the Pokémon Master. You have the three days to try to get the match scheduled and battle done.
-If a trainer loses to the Pokémon Master in a title
battle, that trainer loses all their points.
-If a trainer beats the Pokémon Master in a title battle the
trainer becomes the new Pokémon Master and the former Pokémon Master goes to the last place rank.
The point system sets up the rankings and leads to the title battle.

The ranking structure looks like this:

1.Pokemon Master Trainer A
2.Trainer B
3.Trainer C
4.Trainer D
5.Trainer E
6.Trainer F
7.Trainer G
8.Trainer H
9.Trainer I
10.Trainer J
As more trainers enter this event we can grow to have more then 10 rankings.

The battle and General rules

-New trainers and/or trainers who left and are now returning start at the lowest rank.
-To challenge an opponent, use the PM system of the forum as to not clutter the thread with challenges.
-The battles will be 1 battle and not best 2 of 3.
-The title battle will be best 2 of 3.
-The battle format is chosen by the higher ranked trainer.
-The Pokémon Master chooses the format for their battles.
-You may choose any 6 Pokémon for any and all your battles that you want, except for the banned Pokémon.
-In the title battle both trainers choose any 6 Pokémon they want for the first battle, then both trainers may switch out
up to two Pokémon from their original 6 inbetween the battles of the best 2 out of 3 match.
-A trainers team may not have more than one Pokémon with the same National Pokédex number.
-No two Pokémon on a trainers team may hold the same Item.
-The moves Sky Drop, Double Team and Minimize are banned.
-The item Soul Dew is banned.
-The ability Moody is banned.
-A trainer is not allowed to put more than one opposing Pokémon to sleep using a move that induces the sleep status. (Known as the Sleep Clause in most circles.)
-Pokémon deemed to be illegal (moveset or stats) will result in forfeiture of the match, and possible removal from the event.
-If both trainers final Pokémon faint on the same turn, the match is determined to be a draw. The exception to this rule will be in the title battle, where the match will go to a sudden death, first trainer to knock out an opponent's Pokémon wins.
-For the first month any ties in points to decide the rankings will be decided by the initial tournament rankings.
So if Custos and UWorlds are tied for points in rank 3, UWorlds is rank 3 and Custos is rank 4 because
of the starting rankings.
After the first month, ties will be decided by the two trainers win/lose ratios.
If those are tied it will be decided by which trainer has more wins.
If that is tied it will be decided by 1 single battle.
- If there is a tie in points at the end of the month to decide who gets to battle the Pokémon Master, the two trainers
will have 1 single battle to determine who battles the Pokémon Master in the title battle.
-Battles will be conducted over Wi-Fi on Generation V games.
-Battles will be 6 vs. 6 Level 100 "No Restriction" Battles.
-Both trainers will be responsible for reporting the result of the battle in this thread to make the result official.
-It would be great to continue the tradition of posting the battle vid numbers to show how the win/ lose happened.
But for this event because of sheer numbers of battles and time, only the title battles will be uploaded to the ION youtube page.

Now why do I keep saying title battles?
Because anyone can challenge the Pokémon Master to a normal point match anytime.

-The Pokémon Master will not lose their title if they lose a point match.
-The Pokémon Master does not win or lose points. They focus more on their win/loss ratings.
-You may challenge the Pokémon Master to a ranked point battle if you have 5 or more points.
-If the Challenger wins against the Pokémon Master they win 10 points, if they lose they lose 5 points.
- The Pokémon Master cannot make any point challenges.
- The cooldown rule makes it so that you will only win or lose your points in one battle a day against the same opponent.
-Every week or every time the Pokémon Master changes the Pokémon Master chooses a quirk that
all trainers can do to try and get more points.
For example say I'm the Pokémon Master and I choose that this week it's Normal Pokemon only.
So no one has to do this for many reasons, but if you do win a battle under this condition you get double the points for winning.
The double points is only for the flat rate of 2 points. So say rank 8 beats rank 2, rank 8 gets the 6
points in the difference of their ranks, this does not double. Rank 8 does however get 4 points for
winning instead of the normal 2 points.
- To get the double points for winning under the condition, you must have the battle video.
-Of course anyone at anytime can challenge anyone to a non point fun match.

Banned Pokémon
You cannot use the Pokémon on this list for this event:
-Deoxys all forms
-Giratina both forms
-Shaymin Sky form
-Arceus all forms

The prize for being the Pokémon Master

-If the Pokémon Master can achieve 2 consecutive title defenses, then the Pokémon Master can choose one of the
banned Pokémon to use.
-The Pokémon Master must announce on the forum which banned Pokémon that is chosen and be specific
with the Pokémon with more than one form, for example if you choose Arceus, you must say which form like Arceus electric.
-The Pokémon Master must use the banned Pokémon that they choose.
-After every title defense with the banned Pokemon, the Pokémon Master may announce and choose a different banned Pokemon.
-When the Pokémon Master chooses a banned Pokémon to use, the Pokémon Master will
have an additional limited list for them to follow while using the banned Pokémon.

Limited list
The Pokémon Master can only use one of these Pokémon with the banned Pokémon.
-Shaymin non Sky form
-Tornadus both forms
-Thundurus both forms
-Landorus both forms
-Kyurem Base form

The event will start with a tournament to act as an opening ceremony.
The details on this are pending on the number of trainers that signup.
We will have signups for a week just so we can get the tournament started.
Anyone who doesn't signup in time can join directly after the tournament ends as we begin the event.

So if anyone has any question feel free to contact me with a PM and I will get
back to you as soon as I can.
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#2 [url]

Aug 14 13 7:11 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

Signing up as well. I've been away from battling for far too long, I want back in lol.

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1977 0441 8035

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#5 [url]

Aug 15 13 3:12 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

Hopefully the tournament will start on the 21 of August.
Then depending on the tournament style we do, it could be over and the
event could start for September 1.
But that all depends on how many trainers enter the tournament signups.

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#6 [url]

Aug 15 13 4:01 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

Sounds good to me, I will formally announce my return to battling and the forums

Black 2 FC: 0347 7129 7168
Andy (xDactyl) - 1332-8994-9192

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#9 [url]

Aug 20 13 4:20 AM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

Ok everyone, today is the last day to signup for the
opening ceremonial tournament. Of course as I said before, anyone can signup
anytime after the tournament as well.
Tomorrow we will start the tournament and I will then layout all the details of how it's going to work.
The setup will depend on the number of participating trainers, so nothing is set in stone yet.
So if anyone not signed up wants to join for the tournament be sure to signup today.

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#10 [url]

Aug 20 13 4:25 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

I would like to join in.

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#12 [url]

Aug 21 13 5:08 AM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

The opening ceremonial tournament has now begun!
This is how it's going to work:
All the trainers in the tournament will all be given a seed number.
These Seeds have been chosen by comparing all the trainers win/lose ratios in
the past ION leagues as well as a few other variables. We have two trainers that haven't been in one yet, so they
will be the lowest seeds.

These are the seeds:

So the round 1 matches are:
Seed1 Zero17 verses Seed8 Reayonix
Seed2 UWorlds verses Seed7 xDactyl
Seed3 Sethyas verses Seed6 Leviathan
Seed4 Custos verses Seed5 IONAurethious

The battles will be Single battle format, and only 1 battle and not best 2 of 3.
After the first round is decided the trainers that lost will battle the other trainers that lost
to decide their rankings for the actual event while the winning trainers go to round 2.
You don't have to use the same six Pokémon for each battle.
The main rules for the event apply here as well, for example the sleep clause.

So the hope is that we can finish this tournament before September 1, but that shouldn't be too
hard with the 1 battle setup being faster.
So everyone thanks for joining the tournament.
Lets get started now and finish as soon as possible to start the event on time!

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#14 [url]

Aug 22 13 4:30 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

Leviathan wrote:
I lost to Ben in a good battle. The battle video is 13-19663-46344.

It was an excellent battle, Indeed.

"Hmm... I thought you'd be stronger."

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#16 [url]

Aug 22 13 5:30 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

xDactyl wrote:
Reporting a loss to UWorlds.

Confirming. It was a close match though, not looking good for me until my MVP saved the day. 91-83734-47511

Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 1977 0441 8035

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#19 [url]

Aug 22 13 7:30 PM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

I just battled our newest member Reayonix, and I won.
Battle video is 80-72623-36491.

That puts to a close a very successful round one, great job everyone!

Now onto round 2. This will be setup with two different tournaments.
One for those who won and the other for those who lost.

The winners of round one matches will be:
Seed1 Zero17 verses Seed4 Custos
Seed2 UWorlds verses Seed3 Sethyas.

The trainers who lost round matches will be:
Seed5 IONAurethious verses Seed8 Reayonix
Seed6 Leviathan verses Seed7 xDactyl

This is going well, lets keep everything running smoothly.

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#20 [url]

Aug 24 13 11:01 AM

Re: ION Pokemon Forever Championship- the ION ongoing event

What a crazy battle! Dactyl defeated me. The battle video is 84-09866-99885.

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