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Oct 13 12 7:31 PM

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A recent WoW incident caught my eye, and curiosity led me to try to find out more about it. On one unlucky server, a hack caused many players to just drop dead. ... -warcraft/

While searching for this particular article, I came across a different occurrence on Wikipedia called the Corrupted Blood Incident, which actually led to the Great Zombie Plague of '08.

Now, my post isn't about the medical history of WoW. All of this has me curious as to whether or not the game can, or has been, used for real life applications. The Zombie Plague event is one such example of how using an MMO allows for a far better simulation than one can do with a computer model. In an attempt to avoid getting a debuff, many very human behaviors can be seen and their effect on the spread of a "sickness" can be tracked and learned from.

At any rate, the tl;dr is this: Has WoW ever done something like this in coordination with another company? And how would you feel about in game events that would make use of the game this way?
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Oct 16 12 7:34 AM

Re: Can World of Warcraft be more than a game?

Oh dear lord i remember both of those events personally. The Corrupted Blood Incident was a result of a debuff from ZG getting on people and staying on them when they left this instance and spread to the major cities. Some call it a glitch, some call it trolling, I call it a simulation. It showed exactly how fast a plague can spread and kill thousands (on a small scale) and get out of control before anyone can try and stop it.

Then blizz tried it again under a "controlled event" when wrath was about to hit. Same situation of ppl spreading something and eventually dying. Yes ppl were trolling and infecting everything they could but even without that it still spread like wildfire. It got so bad that people stopped logging in during the event and bizz had to take the servers down and remove the infections many times before the event fully ran its course. I could be mistaken but I think blizz even cut the event shorter than expected.

So yes i believe that us players have been used as kind of test subjects and the outcomes are exactly as predicted. Personally i don't care that we are as long as it doesn't go too far and effects my gameplay, as the past 2 events did.

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