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Oct 10 12 8:43 AM

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Last night, I was told at P&T Sports Cards in Whitman, MA that if I organized Yu-Gi-Oh! events, I could run them there. I would like to start off with a special event that will be a little different, fun, and get some people interested in some more regular play options. So, here is my first ION Organized Play proposal for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Duelist Kingdom Tournament

The basic premise is that people are given 2 Star Chips when they register/sign in for the tournament. Then, you compete with others in attempt to win their Star Chips. This would be entirely up to the participants to arrange the match-ups. You would challenge someone else. Each person must put at least 1 Star Chip on the line during each duel. My initial thought is that each challenge would possibly be one Duel instead of a Match, to save time mostly, but this can be negotiated. The first X (to be determined, in the anime, it was 4, for us, it will likely depend on the number of entrants) duelists to acquire 10 Star Chips will qualify for the Finals. The Finals will then be a single-elimination tournament. The winner would most likely receive a trophy.

There would be an entry fee to cover the cost of winner's prize and any possible fee to the store for use of their space. It would likely be only either $5 or $10.

Leave feedback and suggestions in this thread and once I have enough interest in this, I will move forward to setting a date, laying out the full details and rules, and advertising to others. If you know of any Yu-Gi-Oh! players who would be interested, by all means, refer them here so they can take part.
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Nov 7 12 8:15 AM

Re: IOP: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Kingdom Tournament

Just an update to this:

Last Saturday, I addressed the players gathered at P&T Sports Cards for the Abyss Rising Sneak Preview event. There seemed to be some interest when this idea was mentioned. I'm going to start advertising this more via Facebook and Twitter. Once I get 8 people interested in this, I will attempt to plan a date.

As of now, it's looking like this may take place over the course of however many Saturdays are needed. Sundays may be out at P&T.

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