Sep 12 12 8:41 AM

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I'm going to be looking for people to contribute content for the ION Game Corner site. If you would be interested in being a contributor, either via blog or podcast, I want to know. Reply to this post using the following formats.

NOTE: You can fill this out for both a blog and a podcast.

Blog Contributor
Blog Subject:
Do you already have a blog? (If so, provide a link.):
Would you want to maintain the blog or just send in blog posts via e-mail?:
How frequently would you post?:

Podcast Contributor
Podcast Subject:
Do you already have a podcast? (If so, provide a link.):
Do you want to fly solo or do a co-hosted podcast?:
Do you have someone you would like to co-host with? (If so, who?):
Do you want to produce the podcast yourself or would you like someone to assist with this?:
How frequently would you like to record?:

Keep in mind that filling this out does not guarantee you a position with ION. I must be comfortable with you representing the site. That being said, I look forward to having some different contributors to offer up more quality content to the community.