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#1221 [url]

Apr 15 16 8:54 PM

I lost to Chibi.


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#1222 [url]

Apr 18 16 5:18 AM

We're mostly caught up in battles. Draexzhan is 2 weeks behind right now. I haven't heard from him. If anyone else has, let me know please. Also, Steven and Ruppy are back this week.

One thing to note this week. This coming weekend is PAX East. I'll be there all 3 days. Which means, my response time will be a little slower than usual. Also, if anyone is going to be there, I'm once again going to be a PAX Pokemon League Gym Leader. Come find me if you're going to be there.

Here is this week's schedule:

Alec (Alec) vs. Custos (custos)
Agent G (zombieslayer) vs. Draexzhan (Draezxhan)
Sethyas (Sethyas) vs. Chibi (Chibi Pika)
Howler (PlatinumHowler14) vs. Ruppy (Ruppy)
Delmaru (Delmaru) vs. Connor (barracudajones)
Sandverse (Sandverse) vs. Zero (Zero17)
Steven (UWorlds) vs. Alexander (IONAurethious)
Gambit (Gambit) vs. Kira (OverlordKira2)

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#1227 [url]

Apr 22 16 3:50 PM

It always seems that whenever I'm on YouTube (you know, outside of the ION channel :P), I get embarrassed. That was once again the case in this cringy performance against Ruppy >_<

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#1229 [url]

Apr 23 16 5:39 PM

finally scored a win again! lol
I beat custos

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#1231 [url]

Apr 25 16 7:14 AM

Ok guys, I'm back in the real world. A couple of things this week. I'm going to change how we handle past due battles going forward. Any battle that is not played by the following Monday morning will be considered past due and will be considered a make-up battle whenever it is played. Think of it like a baseball game that got rained out and re-scheduled for a later date. This isn't meant to give people free reign to take forever to play battles. The goal should still be to play your games the week they are scheduled. The reasons for doing it this way are that A) I can't wait forever to get the updates out and B) we can't wait forever to know who has format choice in battles. It starts backing everything up.

Having said all of that, there will be penalties for people who are consistently late with their battles. I don't feel like I really have to say this with this group because there's no real problem players, but I don't want a situation where someone tries to hold off on a battle to influence the other player's attempt at getting the next title shot or something like that. Again, I don't think anyone here would do that, but I do have to cover my bases.

According to my list, these are battles that are still unplayed. If I missed the result or it just didn't get posted, let me know. Otherwise, let's please try and get these made up as soon as you can.
Gambit vs. Draexzhan - Week of 4/4
Delmaru vs. Connor - last week
Gambit vs. Kira - last week

This week is the special event week. Here is the schedule:
Gambit (Gambit) vs. Delmaru (Delmaru)
Agent G (zombieslayer) vs. Alec (Alec)
Sandverse (Sandverse) vs. Zero (Zero17)
Chibi (Chibi Pika) vs. Custos (custos)
Sethyas (Sethyas) vs. Howler (PlatinumHowler14)
Draexzhan (Draexzhan) vs. Ruppy (Ruppy)
Kira (OverlordKira2) vs. Steven (UWorlds)

IPL World Title Match, Best of 3:
Alexander (IONAurethious) vs. Connor (barracudajones)

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#1232 [url]

Apr 25 16 3:49 PM

sorry for the delay.

In a clash between time and space, space overcame the influence of time. It was an amazing clash of the titans with my titan coming out on top.


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#1238 [url]

Nov 3 16 4:36 PM

Re: ION Pokemon League

Nickname: Sarbear
Friend Code: 3840-8176-5225
Hometown: Sootopolis City
Theme Song: [url]
Methods of Contact: Contact #1: Twitter - @pokegirlsarbear; Contact #2 - Forum DMs

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