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#1161 [url]

Mar 13 16 4:34 PM

Lost to cuda

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#1163 [url]

Mar 14 16 8:22 AM

We have one battle left to be played from last week. It is hopefully being played today. Here is this week's schedule.

Draexzhan (Draexzhan) vs. Alexander (Alexander)
Alec (Alec) vs. Chibi (Chibi Pika)
Steven (UWorlds) vs. Gambit (Gambit)
Howler (PlatinumHowler14) vs. Sethyas (Sethyas)
Ruppy (Ruppy) vs. Custos (custos)
Delmaru (Delmaru) vs. Sandverse (Sandverse)
Kira (OverlordKira2) vs. Zero (Zero17)

Champion Bonus Battle:
Connor (barracudajones) vs. Kira (OverlordKira2)

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#1168 [url]

Mar 15 16 1:41 PM

zombieslayer wrote:
id like to enter the league after the tournament
Name: Agent G
Hometown: Snowpoint City
Friend Code: 5413-0454-0355
I'll add a theme song later when I actually start in the league

I'm quoting this for me to remember to put zombieslayer on the schedule for next week.

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#1170 [url]

Mar 17 16 10:05 PM

I beat Kira.


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#1174 [url]

Mar 21 16 7:30 AM

Ok, so we have 3 battles from last week that haven't been played yet. Howler was on vacation and had no reliable internet last week. The other 2 battles, I'm aware of and they should be being played within the next couple of days. Now, since this is the special event week, the standings determine the matchups. The unplayed matches will affect the battles, but only 2 of them. Every other battle is set. So, here is the schedule, barring the 4 people affected by the outcome of last week's battles.

Agent G (zombieslayer) vs. Gambit (Gambit)
Alec (Alec) vs. Zero (Zero17)
Custos (custos) vs. Draexzhan (Draexzhan)
Ruppy (Ruppy) vs. Steven (UWorlds)
Kira (OverlordKira2) vs. Alexander (IONAurethious)

IPL World Championship Match, Best of 3:
Delmaru (Delmaru) vs. Connor (barracudajones)

Howler, Sethyas, Sandverse, and Chibi will have their matches decided once last week's unplayed battles between Howler and Sethyas and Alec and Chibi are done.

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#1178 [url]

Mar 25 16 6:53 AM

Ok guys, so from my understanding Chibi and Alec will be having their battle today. In case it happens when I don't have a chance to check the result and post, here are the matchups depending on the outcome of that battle.

If Alec wins:
Howler vs. Sandverse
Chibi vs. Sethyas

If Chibi wins:
Howler vs. Chibi
Sandverse vs. Sethyas

Please do whatever you can to try and get these done as soon as you can, but I definitely understand if it needs to go into next week. Any questions on this, feel free to ask.

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#1180 [url]

Mar 25 16 7:47 PM

finally got my game with Chibi played from last week, though it ended in another loss to her.

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