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#1141 [url]

Feb 28 16 8:24 PM

lost to Chibi Pika

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#1142 [url]

Feb 29 16 8:57 AM

Happy Monday everyone. First of all, congrats to our new champion, Connor! Fryday is taking a break this month. And Gambit is now on the schedule. That puts us at 15, so we'll be having the champion bonus battle. As always, underlined person gets format choice. Also, as a heads up, I've re-opened discussion about having a duos division in the league. The basic gist of this is people would form teams of 2 and play Multi Battles. Most other things about it would be exactly like the regular league. If you're interested in that, let me know by posting in the thread for it.

Sandverse (Sandverse) vs. Gambit (Gambit)
Alexander (IONAurethious) vs. Kira (OverlordKira2)
Howler (PlatinumHowler14) vs. Custos (custos)
Steven (UWorlds) vs. Delmaru (Delmaru)
Draexzhan (Draexzhan) vs. Ruppy (Ruppy)
Sethyas (Sethyas) vs. Chibi (Chibi Pika)
Alec (Alec) vs. Zero (Zero17)

Champion Bonus Battle:
Connor (barracudajones) vs. Sethyas (Sethyas)

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#1146 [url]

Mar 3 16 1:18 PM

All of last week's battles are up on YouTube.

Also, a reminder that the deadline to register for the Grand Pokemon League is this Sunday. The draft will start on Monday. Check out the GPL thread for that. Also, Steven has started taking signups for the next ION Rumble, and it's Kanto Classic themed, so check that out in the ION Rumble thread as well.

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#1147 [url]

Mar 3 16 8:41 PM

Hey guys,
So I'm a lot rustier than I thought I was, can anyone bring me up to speed on meta and the like? tried doing research myself but there's so much I'm just lost.

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#1150 [url]

Mar 5 16 8:27 PM

Interesting is right - I'll upload my side as well for a post-comm because I've been slacking off in that department lately 0_o

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#1152 [url]

Mar 6 16 10:11 PM

I beat Draexzhan again. This time we switched things up a bit and played a monotype game, though this one was far from the epic clash we had last week. Not going to lie, this is a win I'm a bit disgusted to have because I can point out exactly where he lost all because of hax. I know it's part of the game, but still... just a personal code of honor I guess...


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#1154 [url]

Mar 7 16 7:50 AM

Ok guys, here is this week's schedule:

Draexzhan (Draexzhan) vs. Kira (OverlordKira2)
Custos (custos) vs. Sethyas (Sethyas)
Ruppy (Ruppy) vs. Delmaru (Delmaru)
Gambit (Gambit) vs. Alec (Alec)
Chibi (Chibi Pika) vs. Steven (UWorlds)
Alexander (IONAurethious) vs. Sandverse (Sandverse)
Zero (Zero17) vs. Howler (PlatinumHowler14)

Champion Bonus Battle:
Connor (barracudajones) vs. Gambit (Gambit)

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#1160 [url]

Mar 13 16 1:49 PM

I beat Delmaru, though I had to play a bit more aggressive than usual to pull it off. I felt nervous doing that honestly, as I'm not too much of a risk-taker usually.

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