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Feb 1 16 8:05 AM

Ok everyone, today is the day for the launch of the tournament. Apologies in advance for this being a potentially long post, but I want to make sure the format is explained clearly enough.

We have 21 people registered for the tournament. I have randomly drawn people into 3 groups of 7 for the initial round of the tournament, the group stage. Each person will play every other person in his/her group once. This means that everyone will have at least 6 battles in the tournament. You may play your group stage battles in any order that you like. You may also play them as quickly as you'd like. The minimum requirement is to get one battle done each week. Obviously, the faster people play their battles, the faster we get through the group stage.

At the end of the group stage, 8 people will advance to a single elimination playoff. The top 2 people in each group will advance. Also, the next 2 best records in group stage play will advance as well as wild cards. These 8 will be seeded as follows.

1-Group Winner 1 (group winner with the best record)
2-Group Winner 2
3-Group Winner 3
4-2nd Place 1 (2nd place finisher with the best record)
5-2nd Place 2
6-2nd Place 3
7-Wild Card 1
8-Wild Card 2

Any ties within the same group between 2 people will be broken by head to head result in group play. Any ties between more than 2 people or people in different groups will be broken by total Pokemon differential (i.e. the number of Pokemon remaining at the end of battles). For this reason, it is imperative not to forfeit battles. Please play them out to a finish. It also benefits you to do so because you may be able to take a few Pokemon down before you lose, thus increasing your Pokemon differential. If someone does forfeit, they will be considered to have 0 Pokemon left for means of determining differential.

Also, it's important to play out all of your group stage battles, even if you think you don't have a chance to advance to the playoff. All battles have a chance to affect the playoff

I think that covers the format of the tournament. The battle rules in the first post have not changed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I'll be sending a PM (or may already have by the time you're reading this) to anyone new to the forum who signed up. The basic gist of that will be to remind someone who isn't frequent around here that we're starting and to explain about the forum PM issues. Long story short, in case you haven't seen the PM yet is that when you receive a brand new message, you should get an email notifying you that you have a new message. If someone replies to an existing message, you won't get an email notification. Forumer seems to think it's working fine. You may want to make sure you check in on the forum if you're PMing someone (you will see a notification at the top of the page if you have a new message regardless). We also have a Facebook group message that we use for our regular league. If you'd like to be added there, just add me as a friend on Facebook (Al Basler) and let me know who you are.

With all of that out of the way, here are the groups:

Red Group
1. st3lar
2. UWorlds
3. Sethyas
4. Ruppy
5. ahscott
6. IONAurethious
7. Blazingt10

Blue Group
1. zombieslayer
2. FossilGirl
3. PlatinumHowler14
4. fryday
5. Zero17
6. RabidPeep
7. Draexzhan

Yellow Group
1. Guthy
2. Alec
3. OverlordKira2
4. Chibi Pika
5. custos
6. toastdeib
7. barracudajones

Good luck to everyone! Looking forward to some fun monotype battles!

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Feb 1 16 8:25 PM

If anyone in yellow group wants to mix it up, I'll be online for most of the night, pretty much all week except for Wednesday. I'm usually home by 7 PM EST, and I'm getting on to add FCs right now.

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Feb 1 16 11:34 PM

Battle Video

How do you post a battle video?

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Feb 1 16 11:39 PM

FossilGirl wrote:
How do you post a battle video?

First, make sure you're connected to Wi-fi.  Then, open up the VS. Recorder.  From there, you should see a screen that has a button with an up arrow on it.  Click on that, then choose the video you wish to upload.  Afterwards, you should see a copy of the video displayed next to that button.  If you select it, you should see a battle video code.  This is the code you post on the forums.

Also, you can only have 10 videos uploaded at any given time.  If you reach this limit, you have to take one down before another can be posted.  Hope this helps.

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Feb 3 16 4:24 PM

I lost to Ruppy.


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